West Austin Democrats



West Austin Democrats was formed during the events of the 1960s by progressives from the '50s, and has been a leader in Travis County progressive efforts since then.  We support Travis County Democratic activity, Texas Democrats, and Candidates with forums and volunteers.


West Austin Democrats

P.O. Box 50064

Austin, Texas 78763





Meetings for 2018 have been set:

January - Thursday Jan 11

February - Thursday Feb 8

March - Thursday Mar 8

April - Thursday April 12

May - Thursday May 10

June - Monday June 4

July - No Meeting:  Party

August - Thursday Aug 9

September - Thursday Sept 13

October - Monday Oct 8

November - Monday Nov 19

December - No Meeting: Party

All meetings are 6:45pm at Howson Library Branch  2500 Exposition

By Laws

WEST AUSTIN DEMOCRATS BYLAWS – last revised November 14, 2007

I. NAME:  The name of this organization shall be the West Austin Democrats.

II. PURPOSE:  The purpose of the organization is to (1) improve our own neighborhoods, (2) work for the development of more adequate programs to improve the quality of life for all residents of Travis County, (3) provide grassroots support for the Travis County Democratic Party with emphasis on West Austin precincts and for good city government, (4) endorse candidates, amendments, and propositions that promote WAD objectives, and (5) inform the membership about current issues.

III. MEMBERSHIP:  Membership is open to all residents of Travis County, Texas, who pay annual dues.  Dues are payable by each Sep­tember.  The amount of dues is set by majority vote of the membership.  Any increase must be set by the preceding June.  Membership entitles each member to receive the WAD newsletter and to vote on all issues presented at the meetings.  However, for new members, dues must be paid 25 days before any voting privileges come into effect.  Continuing members (i.e., those who were current in their dues the previous year) may renew by the beginning of the meeting for full voting privileges to continue.


The officers of the club shall be President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary.  The President shall preside at meetings of the members and those of the Executive Committee.  The Vice-President shall preside in the absence of the President.  The Treasurer shall receive, hold, and account for all money that shall come into the possession of the organization, pay the organization’s bills, and report quarterly to the membership on the state of the organization’s finances.  The Secretary shall keep a permanent record of the proceedings of every meeting of the members and those of the Executive Committee.

The officers are elected annually in May.  Their term is one year or until their successors are elected.  Notice of the election of officers shall be mailed to the membership at least seven days prior to the election.  Nominations shall come from a nominating committee appointed by the Executive Committee.  Nominations will also be accepted from the floor.

    The officers shall have oversight of the Treasurer and shall make arrangements, set the agenda, arrange programs for member meetings, appoint committees, and perform other duties that the membership may delegate.  They may recruit other members to assist in performing all tasks.


    Member meetings shall be held monthly on a regular day and at a regular time and place affirmed by the membership.  The membership may agree to have additional meetings.  The Executive Committee may call additional meetings.  In addition, a meeting may also be called by 10 members by petition to the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee will then call that meeting within 15 days.  Member meetings are open to nonmembers, who may speak at the meeting but may not vote.

    Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.  Fifteen members of the organization shall constitute a quorum.  All votes are decided by a simple majority vote of those current members present and voting, except for club endorsements and amendments to bylaws.

    Notice of called meetings and regular meetings shall include a list of any topics to be voted on and must be mailed to the members at least five days in advance.

Club Endorsements:  Sole endorsements of candidates or propositions require at least 60% support from members who vote in that race at the endorsement meeting.  Dual endorsements result when two alternatives receive more than 40% support and there are more than two alternatives.

Amendments to these bylaws may be made by a two-thirds vote at any meeting, provided that the meeting notice included information on the changes to be considered.


    The officers shall cause the results of member endorsement votes to be publicized to all members and, when feasible, to other voters.  Any publicity by the club shall give substantially equal treatment to all club endorsements for contested races in the relevant election.

The officers shall register the club or an affiliate as a political action committee if this is required by law in order to spend funds to recommend endorsed candidates to nonmembers.  The officers shall each year submit a fund-allocation plan to the members for discussion and approval, and may allocate club revenue as needed to carry out the approved plan.